Success Story: Sarah’s Apprenticeship Story with Challenge-trg Skills

My Brief Journey Through the Apprenticeship Programme

I embarked on my apprenticeship journey with Challenge-trg Skills during the tumultuous year of 2020 – the year of the pandemic. Despite the challenges, my commitment to learning and my client’s busy schedule led to a brief pause. Resilient and determined, I collaborated closely with my tutor to navigate the uncertainties and optimise my apprenticeship journey, ensuring I not only maintained but enhanced my skills during this unique time.


What motivated you to pursue an apprenticeship?

My relentless passion for learning drove me to pursue an apprenticeship. Regardless of my role, I firmly believe that continuous learning is the key to personal and professional growth.


How has the apprenticeship contributed to your professional development and career growth?

The apprenticeship has been a cornerstone in my professional journey, enabling me to refine existing skills and acquire new ones. Crucially, it has empowered me to lead and develop my team, leveraging the skills gained to foster both personal and collective growth.


Were there specific skills or knowledge areas you were able to gain during your apprenticeship that have been particularly valuable in your role?

The apprenticeship has continued my improvement in refining my project management skills. I’ve not only honed these skills for personal use but have also seamlessly integrated them into my team, contributing to our collective success.


How did the apprenticeship programme provide support and mentorship throughout your journey?

The unwavering support and mentorship I received were pivotal to my success. My tutor, understanding the challenges of peak periods, tailored support to my learning style. This personalised approach made the apprenticeship journey more manageable and enjoyable.


Were there any challenges you faced during your apprenticeship, and how did you overcome them?

Time was a significant challenge, but with open communication and strategic planning with my tutor and peers, I navigated through it. Understanding that the learning could be applied directly to my job allowed me to use work experiences as evidence, making the process more seamless.


What advice would you give to someone considering joining an apprenticeship opportunity with us?

To those considering joining an apprenticeship with Challenge-trg Skills, my advice is to connect with someone who has experienced it. Don’t fear time constraints; effective collaboration with your tutor and line manager can help plan and balance priorities. Dive in, embrace the learning journey and enjoy acquiring new skills.


Can you share a specific achievement or milestone that you are proud of from your apprenticeship journey?

Balancing the demands of my apprenticeship while successfully delivering senior meetings in Luxembourg and London stands out as a proud milestone. Seeing the tangible application of the acquired skills in the field with my teams has been immensely gratifying.