Challenge-trg Skills – developing the future of your workforce

Challenge-trg Skills is the commercial and government-funded training division of Challenge-trg Group, helping develop the workforces of our clients. We partner with a wide range of education and training providers to deliver an extensive library of short courses, apprenticeships, and training academies including licence to practice qualification in MHE and HGV driving.

Challenge-trg Skills strives to improve lives through developing and building talent plans that enhance your business. We deliver employer focused, learner centric courses and high-quality training that meets the needs of our learners and our partners.

Free Warehouse & Forklift Training in the West Midlands

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How are we different?

Challenge-trg Skills collaborates with you to identify skills gaps within the workforce and we can tailor our courses and programmes, making them bespoke to you and your business. Our skills-based academies are designed in partnership with you to address industry or business-specific skills gaps.

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How we can support employers…

Commercial Training

Our team of accredited and occupationally competent trainers can deliver a wide range of short courses accredited by Highfield Qualifications. These include topics on food safety, health and safety, first aid, risk assessment and much more.

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Apprenticeship Levy Utilisation

The government apprenticeship levy is a form of taxation designed to help companies offer more apprenticeships. Its implementation is intended to be advantageous to businesses by enhancing crucial training and cultivating apprenticeship schemes.

Our experienced apprenticeship team will work with companies to understand your training needs to create career pathways aligned to apprenticeships. The pathways can include talent development, early years, and graduate programmes.

Apprenticeships are available from Level 2 through to Level 7 master’s degrees. We work with a range of collaborative partners to source the best organisations to deliver training for your organisation.

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Pre-employment Training

Pre-employment training prepares job seekers with a set of skills and awareness, such as building confidence and knowledge prior to starting work. This training is designed to understand workplace standards and employer expectations. They are designed for business to aid candidate attraction and bridge the skills gap we have in the labour market.

Examples of programmes we have delivered include Warehouse and Storage with or without licence acquisition, Customer Service, Employability and Lean processes.

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Skills Bootcamps in HGV Driving

Save costs on recruitment and driver training for your business!

We currently hold a contract with DfE to engage and train novices to cat C+E. If the learner is currently unemployed. Best of all, there will be no direct cost to businesses.

If the learner is an employed colleague, under the current government funding rules, large businesses are required to contribute 30% of the candidates funding value to the delivery programme.

The bootcamps are a 16-week end to end learner journey to gain their C+E qualification, with potential of being interviewed and enrolled for clients use, saving costs on recruitment and training by upskilling learners within the company.

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Moodle is our online LMS platform which can support employers with colleague inductions, training and compliance. It is designed to store and keep track of all site and colleague data, from training records to site audit information.

Benefits of Moodle:

  • Visibility of all records, all in one place
  • Tiered system of access (colleagues, consultants, managers etc.)
  • SMT oversight of contractual compliance
  • Conduct remote site audits to save travel, time and money.
  • Efficient, consistent, added value to the account
  • Accessible via all parties
  • Supports welfare of colleagues and clients
  • Less audit compliancy risks
  • GDPR compliant 
  • Cost reduction due to online/remote capabilities
  • TuPE efficiencies
  • Fully accredited

To find out more on how Moodle can support and develop your business, please get in touch with us.

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