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One of the UK’s leading recruitment, training, and logistics agencies

We don’t wait for the industry to move and then react, we influence.

We are leaders and innovators.


Challenge-trg Group is one of the UK’s leading recruitment businesses and uniquely positioned to provide a unique, integrated, multi-service offering comprising of end-to-end recruitment, transport solutions, and training. 

The three brands that come within our portfolio – Challenge-trg Recruitment, Challenge Logistics, and Challenge-trg Skills – are key players in each of their respective markets. This multi-sector expertise, partnered with dedicated leadership teams, gives us the ability to build bespoke and flexible delivery models.

Our national footprint, combined with a mix of branch and virtual teams, enables us to flex and upskill resource when needed to ensure we meet maximise local presence and attract and retain talent whilst meeting client requirements.

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We are driven by technology and data. Everything we do is underpinned by in-house, market-leading technology, giving us the ability to react and adapt to the ever-changing markets our clients operate in.

Our innovative technology solutions allow us to implement streamlined recruitment and onboarding processes for our candidates and provide seamless data reporting to enhance the experience for our clients; enabling us to deliver the highest quality service across all contracts.

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Challenge-trg Recruitment

As one of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies, we pride ourselves on our extensive portfolio of services that is driven by solution-focused strategies, with our clients at the centre. 

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Challenge Logistics

From transport, haulage, and multi-port container logistics solutions, we have the ability to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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Challenge-trg Skills

From e-learning and apprenticeships to short courses and bespoke training academies, we have a wide-range of training solutions which can be tailored to your business.

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