Collaborative Partnership Network

Collaborative Partnership Network (CPN)

Challenge-trg Skills, by working collaboratively with Challenge-trg Group and a network of Partners, has developed an opportunity to align employability, customer service and occupational training, with current and forecasted recruitment needs.

How it works

The CPN utilises thousands of “Key Role” vacancies in the Logistics, Transport & Care sectors to create an end to end “Learner Journey” that enhances, attraction, retention, and sustainability of job roles through bespoke on boarding & upskilling of individuals. 

CPN Opportunity to work through open dialect and agreements to include: 

  • Managed service fee (utilisation of our Moodle learning platform & resource)
  • Job mentoring & support fee per applicant.
  • Associate delivery by Challenge-trg Skills or CPN on behalf of prime fund partner.
  • Challenge-trg Skills to subcontract with prime fund holders.
  • Commercial partnership agreement, Challenge-trg Skills deliver as a partner to fund holder or procures specialist delivery from partners.
  • Partner procures commercial delivery from Challenge-trg Skills or Collaborative Group (none funded training)
  • Direct Funding through collaborative bids with Prime or Funding bodies. (ESFA, ESF, DPS)
  • Access to circa £6m Levy pot

In addition to fast, flexible, and long-term employment across thousands of roles, the service will provide partners with end-to-end delivery models that enhances delivery outcomes, success rates and learner progression, provide outcome evidence, sustainment evidence and progress information.

We will give access to our Moodle learning platform with access to all current employees, supply you with recruitment & Levy forecasts per region, multiple regions or nationally, plus giving you learner feedback and outcomes.

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Benefits of the CPN

By working with Partners, we can share circa 100,000 annual vacancies (rising 20% year on year) where we can provide sustainability and job outcome data up to 26 weeks. We can meet the needs of the ever-changing climate and be adaptable and flexible in our approach.

Benefits include:

  • A vast range of different skills training that could become a pick and mix approach to meet the Employment sector needs.
  • Opportunity to approach more Employers to source vacancies.
  • Improved candidate attraction and retention.
  • Open additional recruitment channels to increase referrals. 
  • Increase referral of ‘job ready’ candidates by planning in advance with the significant benefit of a well-informed wider network to support demand.
  • Upskill referrals for existing workers.
  • A tried and tested partnership giving us an increased capacity to tend for different funding across the UK.
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How do I get involved?

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