Heather’s Inspiring Journey – Embarking on a new career with Challenge-trg Skills 

Meet Heather, whose journey toward becoming a professional driver is an inspiring testament to perseverance and the transformative impact of quality training.


Heather’s fascination with driving big trucks traces back to her childhood, where a fictional character, Long Distance Clara from Pigeon Street, ignited her passion for the open road. This childhood dream lingered throughout her life, and it was reignited when she discovered Challenge-trg Skills.

Despite a career in health and fitness spanning private and corporate sectors, Heather sought new horizons in the construction industry. Her determination to push boundaries and acquire diverse qualifications led her to embark on a new avenue in her career within construction– mastering the art of driving heavy goods vehicles.

Guided by the expert team at Challenge-trg Skills, Heather underwent a comprehensive learning process. From HGV health and safety to professional competence, she immersed herself in the theoretical groundwork. However, it was the practical training that truly marked the beginning of her adventure.

Completing over 35 hours of hands-on training, Heather absorbed invaluable lessons on safe and professional driving from her dedicated Challenge-trg driving instructor. Her success story is a testament to the dedication and adaptability of not only Heather but also the Challenge-trg Skills team.

Heather’s message to anyone contemplating a career leap echoes with unwavering encouragement – go for it! Challenge-trg Skills opened doors for her and she is excited to encourage others to embrace new opportunities and strive for their goals.

Challenge-trg Skills is committed to supporting learners and delivering personalised training. This not only helped Heather achieve her dreams but also highlights our exceptional services for those seeking career advancements or exploring new professional avenues.